Rajesh Sharma Taxation Classes (RSTC)

Thinker, Inspirer, Author, Speaker and “A Passionate Educationist”!!!

CA Rajesh Sharma is a Practicing Chartered Accountant, An Author / Speaker and a Renowned Faculty of Taxation Laws across the Nation.


The professional career of CA. Rajesh Sharma is a perfect blend of academic brilliance and vast teaching experience. He has been throughout topper in graduation examination. He is a Fellow Member of The institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

After completing Academic & Professional Education, he exposed himself to the practice as chartered accountant. Finally, guided by his natural teaching instinct, he adapted teaching as his career. He carries with himself a vast experience of teaching  professional students since 2002 in the Intermediate and Final levels of CA, CMA and CS. He is having specialization in the fields of Direct / Indirect Taxation at Intermediate & Final Level.

He has authored several books for CA/CMA/CS  students at the Final and Intermediate level which have been bestsellers in their respective markets. He has participated in number of workshops and seminars organized by various management and professional Institutes.

He possesses rich experience of teaching Taxation Laws for Professional Courses like CA/CMA/CS in some of the best professional Coaching Institutes of India. His excellent teaching style, Command over the subject, Past Outstanding Results and extraordinary class performance, live classroom discussion drawn from the practical life, technique of approach the subject matter, in-depth knowledge of the subject, guidelines for preparation at examination, scientific & simplistic presentation of such a difficult subject is immensely popular as well as favorite amongst the students fraternity. He has taught and encouraged thousand students and helped several CA/CMA/CS Aspirants in achieving their goals successfully.

He believes in imparting knowledge with a vision to ensure that each student should have a strong long-term foundation for the future and becomes a Successful Professional.

He has been a visiting faculty of several Professional institutions including Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (lCAl).

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